Monday, 27 August 2012

Bar Code Stickers to be pasted by students on the Answer Sheet

Dear LCs,

Please communicate the following Information to all your students who will sit in S-12 Exams

During the upcoming September-12 DEP Examinations, a new system of Bar Code stickers has been introduced for ensuring greater control & speedy declaration of results. Every student will be given a bar code sticker of his roll number in the examination hall. When the invigilator will approach the student for marking the attendance, student will sign the attendance sheet and also paste the bar code sticker of his roll number. This bar code sticker will be given by Invigilator. A student must check carefully that he pastes the correct sticker of only his roll number. If wrong sticker is pasted, the result will be held up and that student will suffer badly.
Although the instructions about pasting bar code stickers carefully have been passed to examination centers also, still it has to be well ensured by the student that correct sticker is pasted because ultimately he will be the sufferer in case of error.

Click here to view/download sample of Answer Sheet with location of Bar Code Sticker

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